Warranty Claims

Everything you need to know

All of our watches go through a strict inspection process, but watch movements are complex mechanisms and sometimes small things can go wrong.

What is included?

Our warranty applies to watches delivered within the UK unless stipulated otherwise. It lasts for 12 months (365 days) from the day that payment is received to the day that a warranty claim form is completed. It covers major mechanical issues, battery replacements, and deterioration in performance below our acceptable thresholds (details below).

If you have issues with your watch we'll always try to find a reasonable solution. That said, we can't cover everything no questions asked, and so we do set some limitations: the warranty will not cover physical damage, mechanical failure resulting from dropping, heavy handling, or water damage, instances where the movement has been exposed (e.g. by removal of the case back) and performance changes within the tolerance limits.

The full details of what the warranty covers can be found in section 1.4.0. of our terms and conditions.


Most modern watches will come with a full warranty. We expect a minimum performance of +/-60 secs per day timekeeping, an amplitude of greater than 180, and a power reserve of over 24 hours


Some watches come with limited warranty e.g. vintage. Here we expect a minimum performance of +/-120 secs per day timekeeping, an amplitude of greater than 180, and a power reserve of over 18 hours

How to claim?


Check that any issues you are experiencing are covered by our warranty. If so, send us an email on support@subdial.co

Quote the email address that was linked to your original order & tell us about the problem


We'll provide an address to ship the watch to. Package the watch up safely & ship it back to us with your chosen provider

It's worth insuring the shipment, our cover only starts once we receive the watch


We'll inspect the watch. Assuming it's covered by our warranty we'll get everything resolved & cover the cost of return shipping to you

It's worth allowing up to 3-4 weeks for your watch to return during busy periods

Other bits to note...

The warranty is there to protect you and make sure you're truly happy with your new watch. We want to make the process smooth & effortless for any valid warranty claims so that you can keep smiling every time you look down at your wrist.

So that we can do this it's important that you are sure that the issues you are experiencing are sustained and fall within the warranty. In instances where a watch is returned but doesn't fall under warranty we will need to reclaim a £50 fee to cover the cost of shipping & processing.

We know some really great watchmakers. If your issue doesn't fall within warranty but you'd like to have the watch worked on anyway, just get in touch and we'll be happy to make some recommendations for you. Depending on the job we may even be able to get you some referral discounts.