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Providing expert advice on vintage watches

We think we're pretty good at valuing all brands and models of vintage watches... but we're particularly good at some! Let's take a look at our areas of deep expertise.

If you watch falls into one of these categories, we would strongly recommend getting in touch for some honest advice and a valuation; if it doesn't then we're still worth giving a go 😉

Rolex Sports Watches

We buy modern and vintage Rolex sports watches, including all major models such as Submariner, Daytona, GMT, Explorer, Yachtmaster, Sea Dweller, Sky Dweller, Milgauss, and more. Valuing Rolexes relies on a deep understanding of the model references going back in history and the small characteristics that collectors are particularly keen on... and we're total nerds when it comes to them!

Omega Speedmasters

Speedmasters can be difficult to value because there are so many tiny features to look out for, and noticing them can add thousands onto the value of your watch. We know the model inside-out (literally!) which means that we're quick to get back to you with a really competitive offer.

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Vintage Chronographs

Old watches with chronograph (stopwatch) functionality are particularly interesting to us, and we have a large body of collectors who are interested in buying them at high prices. There are millions of these types of watches made by a wide range of manufacturers. Understanding the value requires a finger on the pulse of the market, because it can change very quickly. We use large data feeds to make things a little easier... 

Omega Dress Watches

Our roots are in Omega dress watches, from the 1940s right through to the 1980s. Each watch tends to have its own character because there are so many variations around a similar sort of look. Interpreting the value requires a good understanding of particular designs that are in fashion with collectors in the past few months, which is something that we always keep up with.

What Sellers Say...

Excellent company great communication, they made dealing with them easy would not hesitate to deal with them again.

— Sarah R.

An excellent company to do business with. Very fair offer prompt payment. Exactly as described in the advert in Private Eye.

— Christopher C.