Guaranteed sale for high demand watches

You don't need to choose between quick payment & a fair payout. We've designed a better type of offer that gives you both

You can book your collection & read FAQs below 

This is a high demand watch

Because this is a high demand watch we're confident it'll sell very quickly

Give us just 40 days and if it does sell you'll get the maximum return for your watch

We'll guarantee the sale

We'll guarantee the lower immediate cash out price for 40 days in case you change your mind

We're happy to do it because we're confident the watch will sell within the 40 days

You're always in control

If the watch hasn't sold after 40 days you can choose what you would like to do

You can continue listing with us, accept the immediate cash out price, or return it free of charge


How does the process work?

Book in your collection above, we'll send you a contract by email to give security throughout the process. 

A DHL collection will be booked for your selected date and we'll send out a pre-paid shipping label and tamperproof jiffy bag in advance, with instructions for packaging your watch up safely.

We'll let you know when the watch arrives with us and we'll run a quick inspection / authentication same-day. You'll be notified as soon as the watch sells and receive payment to the bank details submitted above. 

If we haven't sold the watch within 40 days we'll get in touch to give you the option to cash out or have it returned free of charge.

Is my watch insured?

Your watch is insured from the moment you hand it over to the courier. In the unlikely event something should happen to your watch, your payment is protected

What if it doesn't sell within 40 days?

This is a high demand model and we think it will sell within 40 days. If it doesn't sell within this period we'll get in touch so you can choose to cash out at our lower cash out offer or have the watch returned to you free of charge. You're also welcome to continue listing it with us if you prefer.

Why do you have a 'guaranteed sale' offer?

Traditionally, watch dealers have offered two routes to sell your watch, a direct purchase with immediate payment but a very low amount or a consignment with a fair amount but a long wait. We wanted to offer both fair prices and a quick time to payout. 

Our Guaranteed Sale offer allows us to make much higher offers with quick sale times.