Extended 12 month warranty when you buy direct

How it works

Guaranteed sale


Is my watch insured?

Your watch is insured from the moment you hand it over, in the unlikely event something should happen to your watch, your payment is protected

What if it doesn't sell within 40 days?

This is a high demand model and we think it will sell within 40 days. If it doesn't you're still welcome to take us up on our lower cash out offer or have the watch returned to you free of charge!

Why do you have a 'guaranteed sale' offer?

Traditionally, watch dealers have offered two routes to sell your watch:

1) Direct Purchase - payment within a couple of weeks but really lowball prices

2) Consignment - fair price but a wait of up to 365 days!

We wanted to offer both fair prices and a quick time to payout. Our Guaranteed Sale offer allows us to make much higher offers with quick sale times