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Better for sellers & better for buyers

Using data science to understand the watch market

A Data Science Business... for Watches

Predicting market prices for watches is difficult. Dealers account for this uncertainty by paying sellers less and looking for unrealistic prices from buyers.

Subdial is a tech company that predicts market prices better than anyone else. This means we pay sellers more and charge buyers less.

Just some data nerds with a love of watches...

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A new approach

For sellers

When dealers don't know what price a watch will sell for they will make lower offers to cover their back

For Buyers

When retailers don't know what price a watch will sell for they ask for unreasonable prices

More for You

We understand market prices, meaning we can offer higher prices to sellers and fair prices to buyers

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Meet the Founders


"As a watch nerd I never felt that there were any good options for selling my watches. Between scams, bad offers, and a total lack of transparency, the routes available were all pretty bleak.

We've tried to build the service that I always wanted as a seller"


"Our background is in big business, having spent years working for large corporates around the world. In 2016 we left to build something of our own.

Subdial is about creating a better business model for buyers and sellers and delivering it in a trusted way"



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