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Posted by Ross Crane on

We started Subdial to find cool watches and give sellers a better route to sell their watches honestly and fairly.

At the core of our vision is the understanding that with perfect data about how much a watch will sell for and in how long, we can trade watches at wafer thin margins, and focus our time on giving a fantastic, personable experience to sellers and buyers.

Buying or selling watches is often a difficult process because of two key elements - confusion about watches' true value, and a lack of trust and security in the people that you are buying from or selling to.

Subdial is a data science business that uses models to understand the true value of watches at any given time. This means that we can offer sellers higher prices because we don't have to account for high variability in our sale prices, so we can make offers confident that we will make a small but manageable margin. This also means better prices for buyers because price competitvely from the start, taking a reduced profit and reinvesting in new watches quickly instead of holding out at unreasonable prices for years. 

Total transparency and trust is the second pillar of our vision. Advice should be free, honest, and instant, allowing buyers and sellers to feel comfortable trading high value watches. If we think you would be better selling through a different route, we'll tell you.

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