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Our Vision

For a smarter second-hand watch market


Oct 19   •   3 min read


We started Subdial to find cool watches and give sellers a better route to sell honestly and fairly.

At the core of our vision is the understanding that with perfect data about the watch market, we can trade watches at wafer thin margins. This means more money for sellers, lower prices for buyers, and more time for us to focus on customer service.


A Data Science Business

The second-hand watch market is a beautiful meeting of passionate interest and tactical investment. Buyers want to buy low and sellers want to sell high, just like any market.

Subdial is a data science business that uses data models to understand the true market value of a watch at any given time. Because we know how much a watch will sell for and in how long, we can operate on smaller margins to traditional dealers who have to factor greater uncertainty into their offers.

For Sellers

Sellers are our primary focus, because acquiring great watches means selling great watches.

Selling a watch is a painful process, we know from experience. Selling directly through marketplaces like eBay means lower sale prices and risk of scams, whilst selling through trusted dealers often means lowball offers and being hoodwinked into selling far below market value.

We reckon that sellers want transparency around the true market value of their watch and a fair offer that reflects it. We buy watches directly from private sellers across the country and open up our valuations so that they know they're getting a fair offer. We make the process quick, easy, and honest, from first contact to money in the bank.


Move Quickly

The second-hand watch market is artificially inflated because dealers hold onto stock for years at higher-than-market prices. This is driven by the fact that dealers struggle to source great watches, and so they choose to hold their capital in existing stock, in the hope of achieveing a few hundred pounds more.

Our focus on sellers means that we always see more great watches than we can ever buy, and so we're thrilled to free up capital to buy in more stock. We price competitively from day 1 and always aim to be the lowest price anywhere in the world for a given model.

Our time to sale is a fraction of most dealers' which means better prices for buyers and a better model for us.

Subdial is a data science business that invests in watches. We focus on providing an exceptional service to watch sellers, and price competitively to move stock quickly. If you're excisted about our vision for a better second-hand watch market get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


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